Who is held responsible for my scooter accident?

Unfortunately, some trips on a scooter result in serious personal injury to a passenger or scooter rider.  Scooter accidents cannot simply be considered the same as “car accidents on a scooter.” The dynamics of a scooter collision are unique to the device, as is potentially the law governing accident claims thus making it very difficult to determine where the scooter accident responsibility lies

When a scooter rider is injured in a scooter accident, a complicated system of rules, regulations and safety statutes will determine whether a claim can be brought against the responsible party – whether a ski area operator, a fellow participant or an equipment manufacturer/supplier. The forces involved in a scooter accident often result in serious orthopedic injuries and damage to internal organs. After years of handling scooter accident cases, our scooter lawyers understand the challenges of these injuries and the need to fully document the long road to recovery.

The overwhelming consequences of a scooter-related injury are even worse when, due to the negligence of someone else, the injury results in a wrongful death, and family and friends are left to sort out the legal details while coping with their loss. Every scooter accident is unique, and understanding the nuances of scooter law is essential to pursuing a successful scooter accident claim.

Often, a scooter injury case will focus on the “threshold question” of whether or not the injury or death was related to a risk that the scooter user assumed. The answer not only depends on the facts of the accident, but also on state law. From our offices in Colorado, our lawyers have handled scooter accident cases across the nation.

Types of Scooter Accidents

In our law practice, we generally see four types of scooter accident cases:

  • Scooter Collisions
  • Driving Negligence
  • Accidents with Cars
  • Scooter Equipment Failure

We strongly encourage victims of a scooter accident to contact us promptly. Scooter accident responsibility can fall on everyone in the accident and even if you are 80 percent responsible you can still claim 20 percent of damages.  The earlier our lawyers can secure all the relevant evidence and testimony, the stronger your case becomes. And each state has a time limit in which one must file a personal injury claim arising from a scooter accident – the period and requirements for notice vary with the state, let us advise you as to time considerations for your claim.