As companies like Lime Scooters and Bird scooters continue to expand their scooters to new cities around the United States – the number of scooter related accidents and scooter injuries has increased. While there are no official injury statistic for electric scooters being tracked currently, hospitals are seeing a rise in electric scooter related injuries. One Salt Lake City ER reported a 161% increase in ER visits relating to electric-scooters.

With injuries and accidents on scooters increasing, it’s important to know what to do if you are in one and what your rights are and Scooter Injuries is here to help offer useful information.

scooter accidentsCommon Types Of Scooter Accidents

Regardless of whether your in a scooter accident, crash or sustain another scooter injury – it’s important to know how to handle the situation. Most accidents occur between a scooter and a pedestrian, a scooter and a car or a scooter and a bicycle. Who’s at fault depends on the situation and right of ways – but regardless of what happened, you should follow the same scooter accident protocols.

What To Do If Your In A Scooter Accident?

A scooter crash can leave you a little shaken up – but it’s important to do things correctly. So if you do have a scooter accident, this crash checklist will help you control the situation.

Scooter Crash Checklist

  1. Move Out Of The Way: Once the scooter accident has occurred, attempt to move out of the way of other traffic if possible. It’s important to limit the chances of additional injuries or accidents. Be extremely careful about moving someone with injuries. Wait until help arrives if needed.
  2. Call & Wait For police: Regardless of what happened in your scooter accident, it’s important to notify the police and ensure a proper record is taken to prevent any confusion or disagreements in the future without authority. Even if no one seems injured, it’s important to get a record because sometimes injuries from scooters (like head injuries or neck injuries) can present themselves after the fact. Also make sure to get a copy of the police report from the police for your record.
  3. Obtain Driver and Witness Contact Information: Regardless of whether the accident involved a car, pedestrian, bicycle it’s important to establish witnesses to the best of your ability. Get their contact information and a written statement about what happened in the scooter accident. If anyone has any video or images of the incident make sure to get copies for your own records and the police reports.
  4. Get Your Version of Events into the Accident Report: As important as it is to get a description of the scooter crash from witnesses, your side of the story matters too. Include as many details as possible and be honest.
  5. Document Your Injuries: If you are injured make sure to document them and see medical attention quickly. Take good photos of your scooter injuries and any damage to the scooter or other property. If you may need to seek compensation for medical costs or damages, medical history and notes could be critical.
  6. Seek Advice From A Professional: If you think you may be entitled to compensation for your scooter accident, we would recommend getting advice from a professional attorney who specializes in these types of accidents. They can help you understand the situation, potential liabilities and potential compensation for your specific situation.

Scooter Accidents Can Occur Quickly

While they appear to be fun and a cheap form of transportation it is common for scooter injuries to occur. Whether a simple fall off a curb or something more dangerous like an scooter accident with a car. Know your rights and be prepared to take your time. Sadly, this may happen when you least expect it, so don’t worry about a future obligation, thousands of dollars may be at stake.
The proliferation of electric scooter have made many downtown streets both dangerous and crowded. Add bicycle and car traffic and scooter accidents become much more common. Make sure you follow local rules and regulations to ensure that you are riding safely and you arrive at your destination intact.